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Penn State Worry Questionnaire for Children

Description and Instructions 


PSWQ-C (Korean) 

PSWQ-C (Danish) 

Revised Children’s Anxiety and Depression Scale

User’s Guide (All Versions) 


Language Youth Version Caregiver Version
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French Download  not available
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Urdu Download  not available


Language Youth Version Caregiver Version
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Hindi Download  not available
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Swedish  Download  Download 

RCADS SCORING PROGRAMS (Microsoft Excel) – Based on US Norms Only

RCADS Child Version Scoring Program 3.3 (.xls) 

RCADS-Parent Version Scoring Program 3.3 (.xls) 

RCADS-25 Child Version Scoring Program 3.1 (.xls) 

RCADS-25 Parent Version Scoring Program 3.1 (.xls) 

SPSS Syntax for Batch Scoring (updated April 2016) 

Note: If you are using the RCADS outside of the US and wish to estimate US grade level for scoring purposes, subtract 6 from the age of the youth. For example, a 17-year old would typically be in 11th grade in the US.