Bruce Chorpita for ABCT President

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Voting is open on April 1!

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Bruce's Statement

For 50 years, ABCT's members have produced some of the world's most important discoveries in behavioral health. My goal now is to help achieve a larger social return on these decades of scientific investment. While preserving ABCT's commitment to rigorous empiricism, we can elevate our message and showcase our accomplishments by:

1. Extending our reach: Rather than simply "get the message out" we need to "bring the audience in." We must interact with industries beyond academia, creating opportunities for varied professionals to join our cause. We must also invite all individuals to join us earlier, through explicit pathways for undergraduate, graduate, and junior members.

2. Fostering a science of diversity: Increased research relevant to disadvantaged, underrepresented, or special populations and contexts will not only advance dissemination and improve membership but also accelerate our understanding of all human behavior.

3. Enhancing breadth: Greater attention to scholarship less common in our journals or conferences (e.g., addiction, ADHD, autism, maltreatment, neuroscience, parenting, sleep) will advance our dissemination and membership initiatives.

4. Increasing collaboration: Interdisciplinary, inter-industry, or multi-SIG events will better connect our disparate interests and increase our relevance to wider audiences.

5. Enriching dialogue about dissemination: We can connect what we know about CBT with what we are discovering about training, supervision, leadership, financing, management, technology, and business.

Together, these strategies will position ABCT to have a larger voice in the conversations shaping health care and will further our mission of enhancing health and well-being, not just in laboratories, but throughout the world.

Bruce's Bio

I have been fortunate to have AABT/ABCT as my professional and intellectual family for nearly 25 years. In fact, the first paper I ever published appeared in the Behavior Therapist, and its topic-how to succeed when treatment encounters obstacles-is still at the center of my thinking and my research. From my undergraduate studies at Brown University, to my subsequent employment at Bradley Hospital, to my Ph.D. studies at the University at Albany under David Barlow and clinical internship at the University of Mississippi Medical Center under Ron Drabman, I have consistently sought ways to extend the reach and impact of our field's best offerings. As a faculty member at the University of Hawaii, I addressed these issues head on when I served for a time as the Clinical Director of Hawaii's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division. Now a Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at UCLA, I continue to work to connect the latest discoveries about effective treatments to the complexity of large service systems–collaborating with states, counties, managed care organizations, private industry, and service agencies around the country and around the world. My efforts have led to more than 200 scientific papers, have been supported by more than 40 grants from federal and private sponsors, and most important, have helped transform entire service systems, leading to improved outcomes for tens of thousands of families. My hope now is to help build on ABCT's 50 years of excellence to increase the impact of our organization's collective accomplishments.

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Bruce F. Chorpita, PhD
Professor, UCLA Department of Psychology
ABCT Fellow






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